Prof. Irena Papazova Anakieva

Full Professor


Prof. Irena Papazova Anakieva graduated at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje in 1996. She obtained her MSc degree in Biotechnical sciences in 2002 at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje, defending her thesis: “Characteristics of isolates of the fungus Cryphonectria parasitica (Murr.) Barr in chestnut populations in Western Macedonia”. In 2007 she earned her PhD degree in Forestry sciences at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje, on her thesis: “More important pathogens in facilities for production of forest and ornamental plants in the Republic Macedonia”.

In 1999 she was employed at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje as teaching assistant for a group of programs: “Forest pathology”; “Diseases of forest trees”; “Diseases of ornamental plants”; “Tree protection”; “Identification and production of mushrooms”, “Fundamentals of microbiology” and “Botany”. After her MSc graduation in 2002, she was elected as assistant, and after her PhD graduation in 2007 she earned the title of assistant professor. In the years 2009 – 2012 she held the function of Vice Dean at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje. In 2012 she was awarded the title of associate professor.

Today she is a full professor lecturing the following subjects: “Diseases of forest tree species”; “Fundamentals of microbiology”; “Diseases and insects in nursery production”; “Wood protection” and exercises of “Forest phytopathology” (undergraduate studies), and “Wood protection from epixylous fungi”; “Methods for diagnosing and suppression of epixylous fungi in untreated and treated wood”;  “Diagnosis and eradication methods of epixylous fungi in art and museum objects”; and “Quarantine diseases”