Ass. Viktorija Brndevska Stipanović, MSc



She is born in 1979 in Štip. Graduated from the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje in 2003 on the ‘Landscaping and Improvement of the Environment’ study program. In 2012 she publicly defended her master’s thesis entitled: ‘Hedges as an element of landscape design around public and individual buildings in the settlements of Taftalidze 1, Karpos 3 and Zlokukjani in Skopje’ and obtained the title of Master of Forestry. Since 2019 she has been enrolled in doctoral studies at the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia.

After graduation she worked as a forestry engineer for landscape design. She made and realized many of landscape design projects of private and public greenery. She has experience in the production of decorative plants and the development of systems for automatic irrigation. At the same time, as a professional associate, she participated in the performance of professional-applicative activities at the faculty. Shows special interest in studying landscape design and the meaning and role of vegetation in the urban environment as a direct and most important connection of modern people with nature.

Since 2020 she is employed as an assistant at the Department of ‘Landscape design’. She is responsible for performing auditory exercises on the subjects ‘Design of parks and green areas’, ‘Garden design’, ‘Park architecture’, ‘History of park architecture’, ‘Landscape and design of green areas’, ‘Perennials and annual plants’, ‘Urban greenery’ and ‘Bonsai and miniature gardens’. She performs researches in the field of Landscape architecture and Landscape design of green areas, related to the teaching-educational and professional-applied work of the faculty.

The areas of her scientific research interest are the study of urban greenery, the system of urban greenery, different styles of landscape design of parks and gardens, landscaping of exterior and interior with potted plants and planters, shaping and maintenance of bonsai trees and landscape design of roof gardens and vertical green walls as an alternative way of landscaping, which should raise the quality of life in the urban environment.