Prof. Zdravko Trajanov

Full Professor


Prof. Zdravko Trajanov graduated at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje in 1997. He obtained his MSc degree in Forestry sciences in 2003 at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje, with the thesis entitled: “Yield and productivity of artificial plantations of European black pine on mountain Plackovica”. In the period from 1996 to 2006 he was employed in the P.E. „Macedonian Forests” in Skopje in the sector of forest management.

He was employed at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje in 2001 as teaching assistant of “Forest communications and transport” and “Construction with technical mechanics”. After obtaining his MSc degree in 2003 he was promoted to assistant, and after his PhD graduation in 2008 he earned the title of assistant professor. He received his PhD in 2008 at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje for his thesis entitled “Models of optimal solutions of forest transport depending on the type of woodcutting at forest managеment“. In the period 2011-2013 he held the function of Vice Dean at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje.

Today he is full professor and is responsible for lectures on the following subjects: “Forest transport”; “Introduction in forest construction”; “Park infrastructure objects”; “Influence of the activities on environment” and “Opening of forests” (undergraduate studies), and “Mechanization in the transport of wood”; “Technical mechanics”; “Forest transportation means”; “Forest transportation facilities”; “Opening of forests 2”;  and “Fundamentals of engineering” (on the postgraduate level of studies).