The Library of the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje was established on 01.10.1975, immediately after the separation from the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry in Skopje. The basic function of the library of the faculty is obtaining and processing the book fund,  serving the academic staff, as well as undergraduate and postgraduate students, doctoral students and others in need of scientific literature.

The enrichment of the units of literature in the library is mainly executed through a system for exchange of publications. It should be stressed that this exchange would be even greater if the publication of the Faculty of Forestry, “Forestry review” was published on a more regular basis. Despite this, exchange with domestic institutions functions well on a regular basis. Unfortunately, in the past several years, acquisition of foreign scientific literature and magazines has decreased even further, mainly because the state has shown lack of interest and has rarely been involved and due to some legal obstructions. Because of this, the academic staff obtains all literature on an individual level, ad hoc and in an unsystematic manner.

Тhe library of the Faculty Forestry in Skopje, successfully implements the procedure of library lending. Through this system, requested literature which is not a unit in our library is obtained through lending (time usage) from other libraries from the country or abroad, with the possibility of mutual lending.

In 2016, courtesy of the Nature Conservation Programme in Macedonia (NCP), a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) coordinated by Helvetas and Pharmachem, 13 new and specifically sought titles were acquired from the fields of forestry, landscaping and sustainable management of natural resources.

The Faculty library also has a reading room with a capacity of 40 seats, open to students every work day from 7 until 19h. The library has been visited and used by students and other categories on a satisfactory level since the establishment until to date.