The Vision of HEF

The vision of UKIM HEF is based on the protection and promotion of forests in R. of North Macedonia as one of the most important national resources, their functions and services, achieving high awareness among the professional and general public about the overall values of forests and green areas as a factor for human well-being. The Faculty is committed to continuous improvement of the quality of higher education and scientific research, which enables inclusion in the unique system of European higher education.

The Mission of HEF

Conservation, protection and promotion of forests and biodiversity

Providing advanced knowledge for reducing and preventing adverse phenomena such as: biodiversity reduction, species extinction, desertification, soil erosion, destruction caused by invasive species.

Introduction of advanced methods, techniques and tools in the planning, cultivation and management of forests and natural resources.

Promoting and establishing the principle of sustainable management of forests, protected areas and natural resources as the only way to provide long-term forest functions and ecosystem services from them.

Providing professional staff

Education and training of students with knowledge and skills from the wider field of forestry (forestry, landscape architecture, eco-engineering and eco-management).

Continuous enrichment of the library fund and publishing activity of the Faculty for providing textbooks and professional literature for students and contribution to the progress of scientific and professional thought by publishing papers in the ``Forestry Review`` journal as its founder and publisher, but also in other domestic and foreign journals.

Bringing contemporary European and global experiences from forestry, landscape architecture, natural resource protection and environmental engineering to future academic citizens, eco engineers and decision makers.

Ensuring long-term connection of future engineers in forestry, landscape architecture and eco-engineering with nature and its values by conducting numerous field classes and research, as well as by attending various educational workshops, seminars, fairs, etc. where students can show their innovation, diversity and freedom of opinion, implementation of modern ideas, scientific and technological achievements, in order to continuously develop the society and achieve well-being for all people.