The study program Forestry, from the second cycle of studies at the Hans Em Faculty of Forest Sciences, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Engineering, is a continuation of the work of the Faculty in terms of educating staff from the first, second and third cycle. The Faculty of has been fulfilling this activity for 70 years, following the innovations and changes in the society, and thus the production of highly qualified staff who will be able to deal with the most complex problems in the areas for which they are trained.

This study program includes the most important aspects of forestry, which enables students to deepen their knowledge and skills in order to be educated in accordance with their affinities and current needs of the economy. Students from this program will gain in-depth knowledge in the field of forestry, i.e. knowledge in most areas covered by forestry.

The study program will enable the creation of staff who after becoming a master will become part of the institutions and the economy, and who will bring innovation and creativity in the realization of practical problems, as well as improving the quality and capacity of institutions and businesses operating in the field of forestry. At the same time, the masters from this study program will be able to be included in the public administration whose functions are related to the forestry sector, in education and science, but also in consulting, design and production companies that deal with processing, production and trade with forest products.