Access to public information

The citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia (applicants for public information) can obtain public information by filling out a written Request for access to public information, which can be downloaded here:


 Request form for access to public information


The requests can be submitted to an official for mediation in exercising the right to free access to public information:


Prof. Makedonka Stojanovska.


The Law on Free Access to Public Information regulates the conditions, the manner and the procedure for exercising the right to free access to public information available to the bodies of state government and other institutions and institutions determined by law, the bodies of the municipalities, the the City of Skopje and the municipalities in the City of Skopje, public institutions and services, public enterprises, legal entities and natural persons performing public authorizations and activities of public interest, determined by law (hereinafter: information holders).


Information holders are obliged to regularly maintain and update the list of information at their disposal and to publish it in a way accessible to the public (website, bulletin board, etc.).


The information holder is obliged to provide free access to information to inform the public about:

  • basic contact details of the information holder, as follows: name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and website address;
  • the manner of submitting a request for access to information;
  • regulations relating to the competence of the information holder, related to the register of regulations published in the Official Gazette;
  • proposal of programs, programs, strategies, views, opinions, studies and other similar documents that refer to the competence of the information holder;
  • all calls in the public procurement procedure and tender documentation determined by law:
  • data on its competencies determined by law;
  • the organization and costs of the operation, as well as for the provision of services to the citizens in the administrative procedure and for their activities;
  • issuing information bulletins and other forms of information;
  • the website for publishing decisions, acts and measures that affect the life and work of citizens and
  • other information arising from the competence and work of the information holder.