• Study according to European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).
  • Internationally recognized diploma.
  • Highly professional and repute teaching staff.
  • Lectures matching European standards.
  • Application of advanced IT tools.
  • Appropriate review tools and props are provided.
  • Solidly equipped laboratories and collections.
  • Practical education through field teaching and seasonal work.
  • Library with a rich literary fund.
  • Acquiring an innovative and demanded profession.

The graduate engineer in forestry does the following: forest cultivation, forest management, forest seeds, nursery production, raising of forest crops, protection of forests, forest trees and ornamental plants, wood protection, construction and maintenance of forest roads, marking of trees for felling, forests exploitation, transport of forest assortments, trade in forest products, design and planning of horticultural facilities, nature and environment protection, breeding of game and hunting economy, forest fire management, improvement of forest tree species, amelioration of degraded forests and shrubs.

The graduate engineer in landscape design is competent to do the following: planning and design of green areas, arising and care of green areas, nursery production of decorative planting material, protection of forest trees and ornamental plants, protection of wood, design and planning of horticultural facilities, nature and environment protection, landscape design and solving biotechnical and engineering problems using advanced software tools and practices that will enable the improvement and maintenance of greenery and its functionality and decoration.

The graduate engineer in eco-engineering and environmental eco-management is competent to do the following: planning, use and management of land and water resources, solving problems in the field of environmental engineering related to soil and water, management of protected forests, areas and landscapes, optimal use of natural resources, protection of biodiversity and natural values, design and execution of works for remediation of erosive lands, mines, tailings and other degraded lands by applying biotechnical and construction measures, to assess the impact of forestry, park and eco-engineering activities on the environment, planning and management of watersheds, design and arrangement of torrential watersheds, preparation of environmental reports and studies, eco-monitoring and management of activities related to the environment.

Graduated engineers in forestry, landscape design or eco-engineering and eco-management after graduation will be able to become part of the economy, administration and education such as: state and local administration, public enterprises, national parks and protected areas, education and science, NGO sector, companies in forestry, engineering companies, forestry enterprises, hunting entities, in consulting, design and production companies, forest nurseries, design and construction of buildings for land protection, nature and environment protection, etc.