Ass. Blagoj Shurbevski, MSc



He is born in Bitola in 1996. He graduated at the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje in 2018 on the study program “Forestry”. In 2020 he successfully completed the defense of his master’s thesis titled “Natural regulators of the pine processionary moth (Thaumetopoea pityocampa Schiff.) populations in the Republic of North Macedonia”, thereby obtaining a master’s degree in forestry sciences.

After his graduation, he worked in the private business sector in the field of horticulture, as well as nursery plant production. During that period, he learns the practical aspects of making, maintenance and protection of urban and sub-urban green spaces. In the meantime, he is employed as a professional consultant on several applied projects on a local, national and an international scale. This allows him to be involved in the activities of different NGO’s, as well as private companies that focus on the protection of the environment. He is regularly part of professional and scientific seminars, workshops and conferences, both in the country and abroad.

Since 2021, he is employed at the Hans Em Faculty of Forest Sciences, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Engineering Skopje as an assistant at the Department of Forest and Wood Protection. He is tasked with performing auditory and laboratory exercises on the following subjects: Entomology, Forest invertebrates, Protection of wood, Pests of forest tree species and Pests of decorative plants.

His field of study includes defoliators in forests, invasive insect species, biological control of insect pest species and genetic population control of insects.