Ass. Kristijan Cokoski, MSc



He was born in 1994 in Ohrid. Graduated from the Faculty of Forestry in Skopje in 2017 at the “Forestry” study program with a diploma thesis entitled “ Opportunities for breeding large game in the Kicevo hunting area”, which earned him a title of graduate forestry engineer. In 2020 he publicly defended his master’s thesis entitled: “Comparative analysis of the Hunting Law in R. N. Macedonia with the hunting laws in R.Serbia, R. Croatia, R. Slovenia and R. Bulgaria” and obtained the title of Master of Forestry.

After graduation he participated in several seminars, international lectures, conferences and lectures in the field of forestry, ecology, hunting and environment.

Since 2020, he has been employed at the Hans Em Faculty of Forest Sciences, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Engineering Skopje, in a associate title – Assistant at the Department of Hunting. He is responsible for performing auditory and laboratory exercises on the subjects “Zooecology and game systematics”, “Hunting”, “Applied zooecology” and “Breeding and protection of wild fauna”.

Areas of his scientific research interest are zooecology and game systematics, game bioecology, game breeding and protection, hunting management, game population dynamics, hunting kinology.