“Better Forestry, for Better Forests, for a Better Planet”

International Scientific Conference

Dedicated to the 75th Anniversary of the Hans Em Faculty of Forest Sciences, Landscape Architecture and Environmental Engineering (HEF), the international scientific conference “Better forestry, for better forests, for a better planet”, will take place on June 15th-16th, 2022 in Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia.

Our Conference is foreseen as a platform for researchers in all areas of forestry, landscape architecture, environmental engineering and management, as well as related sciences, to present their latest findings and results. All research in these domains, by definition falls within the scopes of the conference and can serve as a topic for further discussions and debates, during its lifetime, and beyond. Therefore, we are inviting authors to submit abstracts covering topics within the following broader subjects:

  • Biodiversity and conservation;
  • Environmental aspects of urban greenery/forestry;
  • Forests and climate change;
  • Forests and the environment;
  • Forests and the landscape;
  • Forests and water;
  • Forest ecology;
  • Forest governance;
  • Forest health and protection (pathology, entomology, wildfires);
  • Forest management;
  • Forest techniques and operations;
  • Forest wildlife and game;
  • Health and social aspects of urban greenery;
  • Landscape architecture;
  • Urban forestry.

The working language for all aspects of the conference (oral presentations, posters, abstracts, communications) is English. The Book of abstracts will be published in English, prior to the conference